“Real Life”: A Hoedown Story

To Whom It May Concern, I sit here, now, in a place I call “real life.” Many of you are familiar with “real life.” I don’t think I need to provide a definition… Continue reading

Theres a Hoedown a’Comin!

Howdy folks, Those of you who are our very special facebook friends have already heard. But for the rest of you, Theodore Lovely will be boot stompin’ along at the Lost Sierra Hoedown.… Continue reading

The Heart Leads the Way: Big O’l Blog Post #5

Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania plot the route from Nashville Tennessee to our next destination. Excitement built as we crossed state lines, each one bringing us closer to the place of Robs rearing,… Continue reading

The Heart Leads the Way Tour: Big Ol’ Blog Post #4

Texas takes forever – longitudinally speaking. I’m not sure exactly what happened between Austin and New Orleans. Whatever it was, it took forever. Though, things do tend to take longer when you are… Continue reading

The Heart Leads the Way: Big ol’ Blog Post #3

If spending countless hours heading east through the windy plains of wyoming, across the crystalline salt flats of utah and the altogether brown-ness of I-80 excites you: You should see it from the westbound lane.… Continue reading

The Heart Leads the Way: Big ol’ Blog Post #2

When last I wrote, the paragraphs were mainly filled with minor disasters and entertaining tribulations. The scenery and human interaction made the experience sort of whimsical or maybe the least bit heartwarming. Some… Continue reading

The Heart Leads the Way: Big ol’ Blog Post #1

Howdy ya’ll We are officially on the road, off the road, and then back on it. Our first stop was Lake Tahoe where we had the most heart warming send off in the… Continue reading

“The Heart Leads the Way” Tour and Our First Official Music Video!

We’re heading out on the open road across the good ol’ USA to spread the love starting in March.  The only problem is we spent all of our money on our touring vehicle,… Continue reading

Hardly Lovely

Some of you fine listeners with your working sets of ears may have heard us tooting around San Francisco this weekend! Others of you may have seen photographic evidence on the facebooks, instagrams… Continue reading

New EP?! WHAT!?

Well we recorded some songs, They are being held HERE. You can even name your own price, as you would to a very amiable street vendor. If you would ever like to hear them,… Continue reading