Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Getting Lovely in the Studio

We recorded an EP.  It has musics on it.  You can see what we looked like while we were doing it on the veedeos page.

Riot in the Streets of Newport

Welp, we did some more musics.  This time we took it to the streets without any parental supervision and tried to hurt ourselves.  Check out the video for “Riot” on the Veedeos page.

Were the three best friends that anyone could have We are the three best friends that anyone could have


Gettin’ Burrito Faced.

  We had burritos this one time. And they were good. And mine had sour cream. And I had a pen mustache. And this guy was pretty hammered. And he asked for monies.… Continue reading

Preparing for Winter

Skinned a wolf today.  It’s warm.

Stuck in Traffic


Garage Band

We went ahead and shot some video without asking you guys. Hope that’s ok. They’ll be up on the youtubes and on our video section soon. Also on our facebook? annnnd other places… Continue reading

Picture day!

Heres our newest band picture. Robbie Doesn’t have a mouth, just cuz. 

Timely Travels

We found Robbie’s time travelling future self in a thrift store, of course. Dreams come true in places like that.

Mini Golf

We stopped by one of the most prestigious miniature golf courses on the west coast for a little band fun. YAY FUN!