Hardly Lovely

Some of you fine listeners with your working sets of ears may have heard us tooting around San Francisco this weekend! Others of you may have seen photographic evidence on the facebooks, instagrams and the cover of Rolling Stones. However you found out, it’s true. We went galavanting around at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival and, my oh my, it was an affair. The good kind. Thanks for everyone who gave us high fives and dollar bills, we’ll be sending your tooty fruity cookie dough through DHL, so make sure someone is home to sign.
Also somewhere out there, in the hands of a kind hearted hippy couple, is the first hard copy of our new EP, so thats nice.

Here are some peechars.

This picture was taken by one of our favorite human people, Drew Fisher.

We even created this new conglomeration of musical instruments to make urban travel a little more enjoyable. It didn’t work. Don’t do this.

Here is a life sized replica of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Public transportation, the shining jewel of san franciscan infrastructure. We may look exhausted here, but its actually joy.