Theres a Hoedown a’Comin!

Howdy folks,
Those of you who are our very special facebook friends have already heard. But for the rest of you, Theodore Lovely will be boot stompin’ along at the Lost Sierra Hoedown. Only a hoedown with such prestige, such notoriety, and one with such an awesome name could make us this excited.

But why is this hoedown so much better than other hoedowns?

Let me tell you, Buster. When was the last time you went to a hoedown that was so serious about its commitment to sustainability and the environment that you received a Klean Kanteen stainless steel pint cup WITH the price of admission. Never. Never was the last time. Think of all the beer you can drink WHILE SAVING THE PLANET. Too much to measure.

On top of this, the Lost Sierra Hoedown has a magnificent cause. “A hoedown with a cause?” you ask? “Besides boot stompin’ and whiskey drinkin’?” YES! YES I SAY! it’s true. The Lost Sierra Hoedown is on a mission. Here is a straight up quote from the website; “This hoedown will raise funds and awareness for the re-opening of Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl.”


There is so much to say about this hoedown that I may just refer ya’all to the website, I don’t say that out of laziness. That is straight up working smarter, not harder.

Now listen up. The hoedown starts tomorrow, but it’s not too late! you can still buy tickets at the website above. So go do it. There is literally nothing better you could possibly do with your money or your time. Take it from me.

Heres a dang cool video created by Drew Fisher (who happens to be one of the kingpins at the Lost Sierra Hoedown) that features Theodore Lovely and some seriously righteous ski footage at the very same location the hoedown will take place, ENJOY. or else.
See you there!