Here’s the first Official Music Video from us here at Theodore Lovely for our song “The Heart Leads the Way”.

We packed up the car and headed up to Tahoe to our good friend Danny’s studio to record our EP. We only got stopped twice by the cops on the way up. Luckily we made it up there and didn’t end up in the desert digging holes with Shia Labeouf. Here’s a lovely montage of us recording “Animal Farm”, one of the songs from the soon to be released EP.

After being stuck in that garage inferno for way too long we had some pent up aggression that we needed to get out.  So we headed out for a good old fashion ally fight.  I guess there were hidden cameras or something all over that place because the cops called us in for questioning and showed us this video.  This is an original song from us here at Theodore Lovely called “Riot”.

We did some musics in a garage while sitting on things.  Only two of us got tetanus, so it wasn’t too bad.  These are all original songs from us (Theodore Lovely) to you (say the name your parents gave you instead of reading “you”).  So sit back, or lean forward (it’s all personal preference) and Enjoy!

“The acoustics in this garage are incredibly adequate!” – Leewell Grandstonious, Cleveland Gazette.  That’s a direct quote from a notorious newspaper man about these videos.

All songs that start with a Zylilliquist always make the ladies swoon.  At least that’s what Carl Weathers told us.

It was really hot in this garage.  We had a heat stroke expert standing by in the back yard just in case, but it turns out he was just the guy that fixes the air conditioning.